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Brain Research and Human Rights

Brain Research Obama is seeking to $100 million to develop more research into how the brain works. The main focus of this initiative, shockingly named Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies or BRAIN, is to increase the understanding of how the human brain works to help in the treatment of brain disorders. Specifically, Obama mentions disorders … Continue reading

Sayonara, Wrestling!

In a bold move this week, the International Olympic Committee has dropped wrestling from the 2020 Summer Games as a core sport. The IOC decided years ago that it wants to have 25 core sports, along with 3 new or revived sports, making there 28 total sports during the summer games. This move is an … Continue reading

Politics, politics, politics.

President Obama recently gave a speech highlighting the need for immigration reform. He released a fact sheet that explained what exactly he plans to include in the legislation, and left it up to members of Congress to put together what proposals they would like to see on the bill. He also left it up to … Continue reading